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Dental technology has evolved rapidly in the past few years, making modern dentistry easier, faster, safer, and better than ever before. Here are a few state of the art technologies that we use every day.

Digital X-Rays

We are proud to provide digital X-ray technology. Digital X-rays include several advanced imaging options designed to help us get a better look at your teeth. They save time, provide clearer images, and expose you to less radiation than traditional X-rays. Images can instantly be viewed by you and your dentist so that you can better understand the condition of your smile. 

 Intraoral Camera

While digital X-rays provide vital information, they do not tell the whole story. An intraoral camera lets us view the inside of your mouth in detail, exposing excessive wear, cracked teeth, plaque, and even cavities. Discovering oral problems in their earliest stages lets us provide minimally invasive, cost-effective care.

Our intraoral camera is only about the size of the mirror we use during cleaning appointments. We show  all the photos it takes onto a chairside monitor, making it easy for us to explain exactly what is going on in your mouth.

Digital Impressions

No one likes goopy traditional impressions. Fortunately, the latest digital technology allows us to take highly accurate digital impressions instead. Our digital impression scanner uses optical technology to capture the structure of your teeth and gums, resulting in a more comfortable patient experience. In just two to three minutes, you and your dentist will be able to see a perfect 3D impression of your teeth and soft tissue structures. Digital impressions can be used for any restorative treatment, including crowns, veneers, inlays/onlays, bridges, implants, and orthodontic treatments.

 Same Day Crowns

Glidewell Mill allows our team to place dental crowns or veneers in just one visit! Same-day crowns and porcelain veneers are both metal-free and tooth-colored so they blend in naturally with your smile. If you need a dental restoration, our advanced technology can give you a restored smile in just one day with our in-house milling machine. With the Glidewell mill we are able to skip the need for a temporary crown and place a permanent crown by the end of your visit. Crowns and veneers are made with high-quality materials to provide a durable, long-lasting tooth restoration.  

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